Tyler Griggs

High School

McQuaid Jesuit

Graduation Year



University of Connecticut

How long have you been with Diamond Pro?

I have been with Diamond Pro for about 4 years

How has Diamond Pro helped you get where you are today?

The coaches and players at Diamond Pro have formed me into the player I am today. I was given the opportunity to play with Division 1 commits early in my high school career and it really exposed me to the whole recruiting process and it helped me mature as a player. All the coaches at Diamond Pro have a ton of college and pro experience which also has a huge impact on me as a player. Diamond Pro has done all they can to get me the exposure I need and all the coaches are always there for me when I am struggling or have any questions. Diamond Pro is easily the best program in the area and I wouldn’t be in the position I am today without all their help.

Any advice to the younger kids in the program?

My advice to the younger players is to use the facility to your advantage. There aren’t many facilities like Diamond Pro in the area and it is especially helpful in the winter.

What made you choose UCONN?

I made the choice to commit to UCONN because of the coaching staff and their past success. I thought it was going to be my best option in order to be the player I want to become and help me advance to the next level. Their campus is almost all brand new and they are building a brand new turf stadium and updating their facilities to be ready by 2019.

What are you most looking forward to about college baseball?

I am most looking forward to the high competition of college baseball. I am lucky enough to be given the opportunity to play at the highest level of college baseball and I am excited for the competitiveness to better me as a player.