Trey Brown

High School

Aquinas Institute

Graduation Year



Monroe Community College

How long have you played DP?

I have been playing for DP for 3 years

What did you like best about DP?

My teammates, coaches, and just the overall atmosphere (fun, hard work, and everyone supporting each other).

What role did DP play in helping you get to your school?

DP helped me improve the little things that are so important to being successful; like footwork and baseball IQ. Also, we have some of the best players and coaches in the area. Playing against/learning from them in practice and games helped a lot.

Any advice for the younger kids in the program?

The advice I would give is that size does not matter. People may overlook you because of it, but use it as motivation to work harder and prove them wrong.

What are your new goals?

My goals now are to prove myself this fall at the college level and earn a starting spot. Eventually, my goal is to go off to a large 4-year school after completing my years at MCC.