Tanner Cooper

High School

Canandaigua Academy

Graduation Year



Stony Brook University

How many years did you play at DP?

I played Diamond Pro for three years.

What did you like best about DP?

The best part of Diamond Pro is the maturity of the teams and how each coach seeks to make every player the best they can while winning games and tournaments at the same time.

What role did DP play in helping you get to your school?

Diamond Pro played a huge role in my recruiting process. Every coach that I had at Diamond Pro was committed to helping me get to the best program that I could. Besides just the recruiting process, Diamond Pro made me feel ready for the next level.

How was your first year of fall ball at the college level? Did you feel prepared?

My first semester went well and I was very happy to see everything that I learned from the coaches at Diamond Pro translate into my game at the next level.

What are your goals now that you have accomplished getting to the collegiate level?

As every young baseball players aspersions are, my next goal is still to make it to the next level after college. I am confident that Diamond Pro will help me try to get to the next level as well.

What is your advice for an aspiring young baseball player in the Rochester area?

My advice to young baseball players in the Rochester area is to not let the weather affect your work ethic. Get inside and work on anything to get yourself better! Anything is possible if you play the right way and work hard!