Shane Marshall

High School

Webster Schroeder

Graduation Year



Binghamton University

How many years did you play at DP?

One Year

What did you like the best about DP?

The coaching staff for the whole organization was outstanding and the skill level on the teams as well as the teams we played were at a college level.

What role did DP play in helping you get to your school?

The DP coaches had great connections with multiple college coaches. Also, they got me college level ready from the workouts we did and the baseball knowledge they have.

How was your first fall ball at the college level? Did you feel prepared?

My first fall ball went great, I felt like I fit right in and was at the college level of play.

What are your goals now that you have accomplished getting to the collegiate level?

The end goal is obviously to make it to the professional level and make a long lasting career out of it. Some short-term goals I have is to win our conference tournament and make it to Omaha.

What is your advice for an aspiring young baseball player in the Rochester area?

Some advice I have for younger players is to understand that in baseball you are going to fail and fail often. All that matters is how you come back from that failure. I think having a selective memory is one of the keys, forget the times you fail but remember what you did wrong in order for it not to happen again. Also, being in upstate New York with terrible weather find a place that has indoor cages and turf (Diamond Pro) so you can practice year round.