Ryan Kalbfus

High School


Graduation Year



Gannon University

How many years did you play at DP?

I played for DP for 6 years and was on the first ever DP travel team when I was 13.

What did you like the best about DP?

My favorite part of DP is the instructors and the atmosphere/competitiveness of the travel team's.

What role did DP play in helping you get to your school?

Playing on the showcase team gave me the opportunity to get in front of a lot of different schools at multiple levels. I also did a recruitment video with DP which allowed me to showcase my skills to different universities.

How was your first fall ball at the college level? Did you feel prepared?

I felt very prepared going into my first fall at Gannon. A lot of the things that are preached at DP are the same things that are preached by my college coaches, both from the physical side of the game and the mental side. The competitive practices at DP helped me prepare for that same competitive atmosphere at Gannon. The staff at DP, having been there before, knows what it's like and has helped me to succeed.

What are your goals now that you have accomplished getting to the collegiate level?

I just want to get better every day. I really try to take the "one percent better every day" mentality to heart. Once the season approaches, I want to win and help with whatever role is given to me that day. Winning at the end of the day is all that matters to me.

What is your advice for an aspiring young baseball player in the Rochester area?

I would tell kids to dream big. In order to accomplish those big dreams, though, they have to start and keep working towards them. If they work as hard as they can, someday, when they look back on their career, they'll have no regrets.