Ryan Hill

High School

Webster Thomas

Graduation Year



Monroe Community College

How long have you been with Diamond Pro?

I have been with Diamond Pro for about five years.

How has Diamond Pro helped you get to where you are today?

Diamond Pro has helped me to get where I am in a number of ways. I have learned so much about the mental and physical sides of the game. I feel like Diamond Pro has really prepared me for what I am going to be seeing at the college level. The level of competition that Diamond Pro has allowed me to play against on a regular basis helped me grow as a player.

Any advice to the younger kids in our program?

Try to get to the facility as much as you can. There is nothing else like it in the area and the coaches are always willing to help you with anything you need. Always be open to any adjustments the coaches recommend because they all have a ton of experience and definitely know what they are talking about.

What made you choose your school?

I chose MCC because of their coaching staff and program history. I felt like I had a good connection with the coaches and it would be a great place for me to develop as a player and a student. MCC has a great history of sending players to high-level 4-year schools. I feel like it is the best place I could go to develop into the player that I want to be.

What are you most looking forward to about college baseball?

I am looking forward to playing against a high level of competition. Playing college baseball has always been a goal of mine and I am happy it is now becoming a reality.