Ray Specht

High School


Graduation Year



Niagara County Community College

How long have you been with Diamond Pro?

I have worked with DP through lessons and team workouts off and on since I was 12. I was on a DP showcase team last summer.

How has Diamond Pro helped you get to where you are today?

DP has helped me in a number of ways. Early on, the DP staff really helped me with my footwork and positioning from the SS position. Tony and Matt have really helped with my swing. They have made the adjustments I needed to allow me to hit for more power and to drive the ball through the gaps. They have also helped with the mental part of the game, teaching me how to take an approach at the plate, hitting in situations and being more aggressive in early counts. They reminded me that the pitchers will typically have more control and throw better breaking balls as I get older so I need to be aggressive with fastballs early in the count. All this work has led to an important part of my progression – confidence. The adjustments and mental approach to the game has given me the ability to trust my instincts and to have fun.

Any advice to the younger kids in our program?

My advice would be to take as much advantage of the facility and expertise of the staff as possible. The coaches at DP have had a lot of success. They want to pass that success on to the players. And don’t just be closed minded and tell yourself that you have all the answers. They will teach you different ways of approaching the game and help improve your skills.

What made you choose your school?

I was recruited by 10 schools – a combination of JUCO and D3. I went on a bunch of visits but chose NCCC for a number of reasons:

First, I really like the style of play that Coach Clingersmith plays. He stresses pitching, defense and situational team hitting. He finds ways to win regardless of how many home runs are hit. His style is very much like the DP approach. It was just a good fit.

Second, he took a program that consistently lost and made it into a JUCO powerhouse in just a few short years.

Third, he has a great track record of sending his players to D1 and D2 schools.

Finally, I was really impressed with Coach Clingersmith and his staff as people that will look out for their players and will have their backs.

What are you most looking forward to about college baseball?

I’m looking forward to getting better through the workouts, practices, and competition.